Medical and Molecular Oncology

Laboratory of Medical and Molecular Oncology (LMMO) comprises a clinical Department of Medical Oncology of the Oncologisch Centrum UZ Brussel and a Laboratory of Molecular Oncology in the Faculty of Medicine. The aim of the group is to help advance targeted therapies for cancer in genomically defined patients (personalized medicine).

Research topics

  • Investigation of mechanisms of innate resistance to targeted therapies with a focus on the HER and BRAF pathways.
  • Omics based studies of pancreatic cancer development and progression with a focus on cell of origin, new druggable genes/pathways and molecular subtypes
  • Genetic cancer with an emphasis on breast/ovarian cancer in relationship to the Familial Cancer Clinic of the Oncology Centre a. Clinical research in methodology of cancer genetic counseling b. Research in breast cancer predisposition genes c. Participation in clinical development of specific targeted agents in genetic cancer, including synthetic lethality with PARP inhibitors.
  • Clinical studies
  1. Tolerability and efficacy of novel systemic treatments of cancer (phase I, II, III); sponsored and academic studies.
  2. Studies in supportive care, toxicity control, end of life and geriatric oncology in collaboration with End of Life care and other groups
  3. Identifying and correlating biomarkers with the clinical efficacy of novel cancer treatments. A major focus is on genomic biomarker research. Investigator initiated translational studies in following tumor types: lung cancer, brain tumors, melanoma, sarcoma and esophageal cancer.
  4. Precision basket trials in the context of the Belgian Precision initiative
  • Cancer therapeutic vaccination

    Studies in collaboration with the LMCT.