End-of-Life Care


End-of-Life Care Research Group: Achieving the best palliative and end-of-life care

The End-of-Life Care Research Group conducts high-quality scientific research in end-of-life care in Belgium and across Europe. Researchers from different scientific backgrounds work in a common research structure to facilitate interdisciplinary collaborative research. The group is spearheaded by a number of experienced researchers and strives to optimize the training and support of junior researchers in order to expand future expertise in end-of-life care research.

The research group also aims to achieve maximum dissemination of its research findings through scientific publications, conferences, professional organizations and the popular media. This means our research leads to the improvement of medical training and education, of end-of-life care practice and organization, and of political and institutional policy.

Ongoing and past research projects, see http://www.endoflifecare.be/projects