Gene Therapy & Regenerative Medicine


The main goals of the division of Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (GTRM) research program are:

  • to develop and validate gene and cell therapy for major health- and life-threatening diseases, including cancer;
  • to investigate the molecular, cellular and immune mechanisms that influence the outcome of different gene/cell therapy approaches;
  • to unravel the molecular mechanisms and pathways underlying various (patho)physiologic processes important in human health and disease, including cancer, taking advantage of our state of the art gene transfer and stem cell technologies. This research program is at the nexus of applied/translational research, hypothesis-driven fundamental research and  technology development all of which are inter-related.
The available expertise in viral vectors (retroviral, lentiviral, AAV) and non-viral vectors (hyperactive SB and PB transposons) and the availablity of  a validated  state-of-the-art gene transfer platform provides added value for the Oncology Research Consortium to conduct  functional gene studies in oncology.

Research topics
1. Role of miRNA in cancer: in vivo validation, mechanisms and therapeutics. Read more
2. Insertional oncogenesis. Read more

Relevant observations and perspectives.