Francqui Chair 2018-2019

The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy of the VUB has the honor to invite you to the inaugural  lecture of the Francqui Chair 2018-2019 awarded to: Prof. dr. Cédric BlanpainWELBIO investigator and director of the laboratory of stem cells and cancer at the ULB.

The Chair consists of a series of 5 lectures, which take place in Auditorium Vanden Driessche:
22-Feb       12:30   Lecture 1: Mechanisms regulating pluripotent stem cells
01-March  12:30   Lecture 2: Cardiovascular progenitors and heart development
03-May      12:30   Lecture 3: Epithelial stem cells and their plasticity
10-May      12:30   Lecture 4: Stem cells and the cellular origin of cancer
17-May      12:30   Lecture 5: Cancer stem cells and tumor heterogeneity