Welcome to the new FWO(-SB) PhD fellows

In November several PhD students of the Oncology Research Center received an FWO PhD mandate to initiate their cancer research projects. Congratulations to all!

Recipients of FWO PhD fellowship fundamental research

  • Katarina Coolens (promoter: Ilse Rooman, LMMO; co-promoter: Isabelle Houbracken, LMMO; in collaboration with Beta Cell Neogenesis Lab (VUB) and CSRM King’s College London, UK)
  • Catharina Muylaert (promoter: Elke De Bruyne, HEIM)
  • Maida Zivalj (promoters: Jo Van Ginderachter and Benoit Stijlemans, CMIM in collaboration with ICMI and LMCT)
  • Aarushi Caro (promoter: Damya Laoui, CMIM; co-promoter An Coosemans LTII (KUL))

Recipients of FWO PhD fellowship strategic basic research:

  • Michiel De Coster (promoter: Elke De Bruyne, HEIM; co-promoters: Eline Menu and Kim De Veirman, HEIM)
  • Fien Meeus (promoter: Karine Breckpot LMCT, co-promotor: ICMI)
  • Niels Vandewalle (promoter: Kim De Veirman, HEIM; co-promoters: Karine Breckpot, LMCT; Nick Devoogdt, ICMI)
  • Katty Zeven (promoter: Nick Devoogdt, ICMI; co-promotor: Karine Breckpot, LMCT)