Two ORC-scientists join the Young Academy of Belgium

The Young Academy of Belgium (Flanders) has elected ten new members following an open call. Two of them are scientists affiliated to the ORC, VUB: Prof. Kim De Veirman and Prof. Lara Pivodic who will soon be joining the Young Academy of Belgium as top scientists.

Kim De Veirman (HEIM) (left picture) is a biomedical researcher and investigates novel, personalized treatments for patients with haematological cancers. By the use of nanobodies, small proteins present in the blood of camelids, and immunotherapy (including CAR-T cell therapy), she strives to tackle residual cancer cells. Her focus is on translational cancer research, with the aim of improving the diagnosis and treatment of haematological cancers.

Lara Pivodic (ZRL) (right picture) investigates from an international perspective how health care and specific social policy can contribute to a good last phase of life and a good death for the elderly. Using research methods from medical and social sciences, she studies the last years and months of life of elderly people in different countries and evaluates the effects of palliative care programs for patients, relatives and caregivers.

In addition to the two ORC-VUB scientists, another VUB scientist, Prof. Barbora Wouters, research professor in geo-archeology, and five new scientists from KU Leuven, one scientist from UHasselt and one from UAntwerpen will also join the Young Academy. They will all be inaugurated during an online event on March 26, 2021 and will remain members until March 31, 2026.